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Oresti Banos, PhD

Hello! I am an Assistant Professor of Creative Technology at the University of Twente, Netherlands. I am also a Senior Research Scientist affiliated with the Telemedicine Cluster of the Biomedical Signal and Systems Group (BSS), the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT), the Research Centre for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine (MIRA), and the novel Centre for Monitoring and Coaching (CMC). I am also an External Faculty Member of the Doctoral Programme in Information and Communication Technologies of the University of Granada, Spain.

My research works on the intersection of wearable, ubiquitous, and mobile computing with data mining and artificial intelligence for digital health and wellness applications. I am particularly interested in human-aware computing, behaviour and context modelling, intelligent coaching systems, and smart pervasive sensing. I am a strong advocate of the role of science in society and truly passionate about the use of technology for social good. In this spirit, my main ambition is to bridge the gap between technology and society to automate the full comprehension of human behaviour in order to anticipate its realisation and effects at both individual and population levels.

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  • email: o.banoslegran[at]
  • address: Room ZH211, Faculty EEMCS, University of Twente, 7500 AE Enschede, Netherlands
  • phone: +31(0)534895329


Academic background

  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Granada, Spain, 2014
  • MSc in Electrical Engineering, University of Granada, Spain, 2012
  • MSc in Computer Network Engineering, University of Granada, Spain, 2011
  • MSc in Telecommunications Engineering, University of Granada, Spain, 2009

Professional background

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Project Manager, UCLab, Kyung Hee University, South Korea, 2014-2016
  • Visiting Research Fellow, ACTLab, Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2012
  • Visiting Research Fellow, HPC-Europa2, SURFsara, Netherlands, 2012
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Wearable Computing group, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland, 2011
  • Visiting Research Fellow, CLAWS, University of Alabama, USA, 2011
  • Predoctoral Research Fellow, CITIC-UGR, University of Granada, Spain, 2010-2014

Individual awards

  • Outstanding PhD Award, University of Granada, 2017
  • Grand-ICT Center of Intelligent Interaction for Life Companionship Experience Scholar Fellowship, Korean National Reserch Foundation, 2015
  • Brain Korea 21+ (BK21+) Postdoctoral Fellowship, Korean National Reserch Foundation, 2014
  • High Performance Computing-Europa2 Research Fellowship, European Commission, 2012
  • FPU Overseas Research Grant, Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, 2011
  • University Faculty Training (FPU) Predoctoral Fellowship, Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, 2010
  • Research Excellence Predoctoral Fellowship, Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain), 2010

Selected news

12/02/2018 Journal paper accepted for publication in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing: "SPIRA: an automatic system to support lower limb injury assessment".

15/01/2018 Journal paper accepted for publication in Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces: "Model-Based Adaptive User Interface based on Context and User Experience Evaluation".

11/01/2018 Paper "Council of Coaches - A Novel Holistic Behavior Change Coaching Approach" accepted at ICT4AWE 2018.

01/01/2018 Paper "Enabling remote assessment of cognitive behaviour through mobile experience sampling" accepted at EmotionAware within PerCom 2018.

14/12/2017 I have been awarded the "Outstanding PhD Award of the University of Granada".

21/11/2017 New Pioneers in Healthcare grant for the project: "A healthy mind in a healthy body".

22/09/2017 Invited talk: "What your smartphone tells about your behavior: Challenges and Opportunities" @ Wearables in Practice: Physiology and Emotions Symposium.

28/06/2017 Invited talk: "Advance Processing of Sensor Data for Human Behaviour Modelling" @ Connected Health Summer School.

01/06/2017 New H2020 project granted: Council of Coaches (within the SC1-PM-15-2017 call on "Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age".

19/04/2017 Journal paper accepted for publication in Sensors: "Smartphone Location-Independent Physical Activity Recognition based on Transportation Natural Vibration Analysis".

12/04/2017 Paper "Ontological Modeling of Motivational Messages for Physical Activity Coaching" accepted at Health-i-Coach 2017 within PervasiveHealth.

04/03/2017 Paper "A Classification System to Assess Low Back Muscle Endurance and Activity Using mHealth Technologies" accepted at IWANN 2017.

04/03/2017 Paper "Automatic 2D Motion Capture System for Joint Angle Measurement" accepted at IWANN 2017.

02/02/2017 Paper "Mobile Health System for Evaluation of Breast Cancer Patients During Treatment and Recovery Phases" accepted at IWBBIO 2017.

01/01/2017 Journal paper accepted for publication in Multimedia Tools and Applications: "Evaluating Real-life Performance of the State-of-the-art in Facial Expression Recognition using a Novel YouTube-based Datasets".

15/12/2016 SUT4Coaching 2016 has been a total success. Thanks to all speakers and attendees!

22/09/2016 Journal paper accepted for publication in Sensors: "Ontology-based High-Level Context Inference for Human Behavior Identification".

20/09/2016 Journal paper accepted for publication in Neurocomputing: "MIMU-Wear: Ontology-based Sensor Selection for Real-World Wearable Activity Recognition".

10/09/2016 Paper "First Approach to Automatic Performance Status Evaluation and Physical Activity Recognition in Cancer Patients" accepted at IUCC 2016.

10/09/2016 Paper "Analysis of the Innovation Outputs in mHealth for Patient Monitoring" accepted at IUCC 2016.

24/08/2016 Paper "First Approach to Automatic Measurement of Frontal Plane Projection Angle During Single Leg Landing Based on Depth Video" accepted at UCAmI 2016.

05/08/2016 Journal paper accepted for publication in Sensors: "Human Behavior Analysis by means of Multimodal Context Mining".

09/06/2016 Journal paper accepted for publication in Expert Systems with Applications: "Improving Digital Image Watermarking by Means of Optimal Channel Selection".

08/06/2016 Journal paper accepted for publication in Sensors: "On curating multimodal sensory data for personalized health and wellness services".

10/04/2016 Paper "An initiative for the creation of open datasets within pervasive healthcare" accepted at PervasiveHealth 2016.